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What can Astrology tell me?

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Ensure the basics of a successful life

If you're just looking for a 'one night stand' please don't waste your time here. There are plenty of sites offering the opportunity of a superficial 'hookup', but this site is not one of them. What we do at Starmatch is to focus the minds of our members on what really matters - your success.

As we strive for the approbation of our fellow men, for wealth, fame, fortune and glory, it's easy to forget that without children and grandchildren to carry the mantle of our successes onto succeeding generations, that our efforts are at best wasted, and at worst meaningless. Although it is possible to become wealthy in a man's lifetime, to create a dynasty demands the efforts of several generations. Your contribution may seem modest, but seen through the prism of a family generational struggle each and every mother and father is a vital link in the chain, whose commitment to each other is the cornerstone of their and their children's later success.

Your first and most important task therefore is to find a partner with whom you are compatible, as well as someone you love. The song 'All you need is love' is a cheap insult to common sense, a recipe for a lifetime of failed relationships. Love is important, but you are wise to fall in love with someone who is astro-compatible, and with whom you share a similar background, and a shared vision of the future. It's an exciting time, so make the most of it.

What can Astrology tell me about my sexuality?

Chinese astrology provides a unique insight into each person's character through their Yin/Yang balance. A male with 5 Yin and no Yang, or a female with 5 Yang and no Yin in their element charts may struggle with their sexual identity.

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How can stars and planets affect someone's character? Isn't our DNA set at conception?

It is generally accepted that DNA is set at conception, but it is also accepted that our DNA can change. If stress can alter the behaviour of DNA, why not ionizing radiation?

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Political Views

Each of us likes to think that our political opinions are the result of careful analysis. But think again. The main division in democratic politics is between 'left' and 'right' and Chinese astrology can identify which of those two sides will be your natural political home.

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Baby boy or girl?

You must have wondered why some couples produce all girls, whilst another couple have only boys, and yet others produce children of both genders. Well, here's why.

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